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Dr Howard Chilton shares his most invaluable newborn advice

Dr Howard Chilton is a celebrated author and a neonatal paediatrician at the Royal Hospital for Women at Randwick, with over 35 years’ experience. He chats to our host Shevonne…
10 mins

How to beat bedwetting, with paediatrician Dr Margie Danchin

Bed wetting - it's just another stage in the tricky toilet training and something that every family goes through. Or is it? Once your child’s well out of nappies, how…
12 mins

How Oxytocin can help children with autism

New research from Sydney University’s Brain and Mind Centre has found that oxytocin – some times called the ‘love hormone’ – can improve autistic children’s social interactions. We speak with…
15 mins

Helping your child’s gut health naturally

How can you tell if your child’s gut health is out of whack? And what can be done to get it back to balance if it is? We speak to…
10 mins

Summer stings and bites with paediatrician Mark Nethercote

With the weather warming up, it’s time to get outside and play. But in Australia, that outside’s also be full of things that bite and sting. What can we do…
17 mins

Dealing with hay fever this spring

Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes... hay fever is the pits. Learn how to help your child manage their symptoms in this episode with Mark Nethercote GUEST: Mark Nethercote, Paediatrician …
14 mins