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Staying healthy on family holidays

Travelling overseas is such a great adventure, especially for children. The last thing you want is for your child to become sick (it can be a nightmare) Sally Webb has…
12 mins

What does that cough mean?

Wheezing coughs, phlegmy hacks or barking sounds, there are so many types of coughs that children can get from different illnesses at this time of year. So we've recruited Dr…
13 mins

The dangers of car swaddling

If you’ve been on a parenting website recently, you’ll have noticed there’s been a fair amount of controversy around 'car swaddling', the practice of wrapping babies in a blanket before…
12 mins

Autism series. #4. The future's bright

Autism is estimated to affect every 1 in 100 Australians, yet if you suspect your child might be autistic it can be a long, confusing and emotional road to diagnosis…
10 mins

Flu cases on the rise

As of this week, diagnosed cases of the flu across Australia are up by 4,000 compared to the same time last year. In this episode we find out why this…
12 mins

Hand foot mouth disease

Everything you need to know about young children and hand foot mouth disease Find out how it's contracted and how it's treated? GUEST: Dr Jonny Taitz, Paediatrician WEBSITE: Dr Jonny…
6 mins