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What’s a urinary tract infection look like in children? And how is it treated?

You may think that UTIs are an affliction for women, more than men. But both young boys and girls can get UTIs Dr Elysia Thornton-Benko from Bondi Road Doctors takes…
11 mins

The facts about co-sleeping

 You’ll find a lot of opinions about co-sleeping but what are the facts Sleep consultant Natalie Herman takes us through the safe ways to co-sleep and what to do…
9 mins

Headphones and kids: how loud is too loud?

Headphones are often the quickest way to a quiet house, or a peaceful family road trip. But what precautions do we need to take when using them in terms of…
5 mins

Breaking down the top 6 medical apps to have on your phone

These days there's an app for everything plus there are so many we end up downloading  and never use Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids discusses the six most important apps…
9 mins

How to spot hearing loss or impairment in your child

On average one in every 1000 babies are born with significant hearing loss. Without sensory cues it is difficult to tell when children could be having trouble As part of…
10 mins

How to keep calm when your child is seriously hurt

White panic is not a good response if your child suffers a bad accident But as parents it can be really hard to keep calm when our kids are hurt. …
11 mins