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Kinderling Helpline

Part of the Kinderling Conversation for parents. Every Monday from 12pm
Kids up all night? Can't tame those toddler tantrums? Leading Mothercraft nurse and author of Bringing Baby Home Chris Minogue is happy to help with your tricky questions on Kinderling Helpline every Monday at 12pm. Get in touch!

Text your question: 0437 665 200

Kinderling Helpline is supported by 13 SICK, National Home Doctor Service.

1800 KIDS RADIOkinderlingconversation@kinderling.com.au

Catch up on the latest Kinderling Helpline segments

Kinderling Helpline: weaning off dummies, bath-time tantrums, dressing a fidgety toddler

Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue answers your cries for help from all over the country. This episode she tackles sleep regression, sensitivity, bored eaters, bath-time tantrum throwing, and more For more…
20 mins

Kinderling Helpline: toddler tantrums, swaddling advice, sharing toys

Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue tackles your parenting questions this week with everything from how to deal with a child refusing solids, sibling fights getting physical, day sleeps, and more Find…
18 mins

Kinderling Helpline: Queen's birthday long weekend special

As part of our special for the Queen's birthday long weekend, this Kinderling Helpline is a mammoth 30 minutes of personal tips for parents and bubs, plus toddler taming help…

Kinderling Helpline: Highlight show

Swearing toddlers, sorting out day times feeds, anxiousness at home. Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue's best advice from the last month jam packed into a very special highlight show Find out…
16 mins

Kinderling Helpline: simplifying feeds, sleep wear for winter and managing two babies at once

Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue advises how to bring feeding a 4.5 month old baby back to basics,  how to keep a 4 month old warm in winter (and sleeping better)…
13 mins

Kinderling Helpline: night terrors, anxiety, tackling a toddler's fear of the dark

Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue takes all of your questions about negotiating night terrors, anxious toddlers,  how to help when your little one is scared of the dark, and more Find…
12 mins