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Handling meltdowns and sibling squabbling

MotherCraft Nurse Chris Minogue gives catered advice for parents wanting guidance on everything from settling techniques, starting solids and managing tantrums Today on Kinderling Helpline, Chris helps a mum deal…
13 mins

Solving toddler sleep issues

Help! My toddler won’t sleep! Kinderling Helpline expert and Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue shares advice on self-settling, cot comforting and how to deal with blocked noses at night. 
29 mins

Cookie Monster interview, Chris Minogue's new book and Easter made easy

“Me met a koala!” Cookie Monster shares the highlights of his trip Down Under and gives us the lowdown on Sesame Street. Our fave furry blue Muppet also reveals…
29 mins

Soothing night terrors and is the "five-second" rule an urban myth?

Our resident childcare expert Chris Minogue advises listeners on how to negotiate with mutinous pre-schoolers and tell the difference between a night terror and a nightmare. For more tips on…
28 mins

Prepping new dads for newborns and kids' books about rainbow families

We revisit some great advice for new dads from our Baby Helpline expert Chris Minogue. Callers find out how to prep for newborns, cope with sleep deprivation and support…
30 mins

Resolving sleep dramas and surviving kids' birthday parties

Baby Helpline expert Chris Minogue offers advice on self-settling and controlled crying and helps listeners resolve toddler sleep dramas Plus, fun-loving mother-of-two Kristen Toovey, who blogs at Born Without…
29 mins