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Part of the Kinderling Conversation for parents.

From mindfulness and exercise to the best holiday destinations for your family. Pack your bags and get your meditation exercises ready because this part of Kinderling Conversation is all about giving your family the best value for money (and mind) when it comes to your precious down time.

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Top travel apps for families

Family travel is often about escaping the rat race, putting away screens and spending time together. Sometimes though, screens can bring us together. Sally Webb from Travel Without Tears tells…
14 mins

Inspiring Parents: Lunch Lady’s Kate Berry

Lunch Lady magazine began as a way to help Kate Berry’s daughter overcome bullying at school. It has now blossomed into a beautiful quarterly magazine filled with yummy recipes and…
13 mins

Inspiring Parents: The Design Files' Lucy Feagins

The Design Files is a website that features beautiful local design across architecture, home decor and furniture. Founder Lucy Feagins talks about how she manages to maintain her passion for…
12 mins

Finding your perfect beach holiday

We’re heading into summer, so it’s time for the feeling of sand beneath your feet and the sound of crashing waves. Sally Webb of Travel Without Tears tells us her…
9 mins

The history of a fashionable stroller

Once upon a time, prams were a bit clunky and weren’t very pretty. Then along came the Bugaboo. Madeleen Klaasen explains the history of how the Dutch company came to…
7 mins

Why San Diego is a great family holiday destination

With sunshine and beaches all year round, San Diego is an amazing place to take the family. Joe Timko from the San Diego Tourism Authority outlines the best spots for…
6 mins