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Part of the Kinderling Conversation for parents.

From mindfulness and exercise to the best holiday destinations for your family. Pack your bags and get your meditation exercises ready because this part of Kinderling Conversation is all about giving your family the best value for money (and mind) when it comes to your precious down time.

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How families can get the most out of their tax return

Who loves doing their taxes? Nobody, right? But getting on top of your finances can mean getting a bit back. And every little bit helps when you're raising a family. Effie…
7 mins

Tara Winkler on why orphanage tourism has to stop

What were you doing when you were 21? Tara Winkler was setting up the Cambodian Children's Trust orphanage to save fourteen children.  Years later, however, she discovered the orphanage industry was…
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Finding your mum tribe with Child magazine's Karen Miles

Mother’s groups can be a blessing or a curse. This month’s edition of CHILD gives some great pointers on how you can find the group that best suits you. Karen
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Cool winter holiday destinations for kids and grown-ups

When the weather gets cold it's tempting to stay snuggled up inside. But Sally Webb, from Travel Without Tears, says it’s the best time to grab those beanies and explore the…
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Living the nomadic life with kids

Saman Shad is a journalist who's had three babies on three different continents. Saman talks us through travelling with tiny babies and toddlers, and explains what it's like bringing up…
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Cultural holiday ideas for families

It can be difficult to avoid the trampled tourist trails when you have a holiday somewhere, particularly with kids when the easiest option is the most tempting. Sally Webb
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