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Bertha and Bear: a children’s book about finding your place in the world

Christine Sharp is a writer and illustrator who has created a book about the meaning of friendship and home Her story Bertha and Bear features on the free Kinderling app…
8 mins

Helping your relationship survive financial stress

As your family increases in size, so too can your money worries Psychotherapist and couples counsellor Ginny Lindsay gives us her top tips for coping with financial stress, and how…
17 mins

Paralympian Jess Smith on teaching children to accept difference

Children can be curious creatures, and they ask a lot of questions. How do you teach them to accept physical difference of others, and to embrace their own bodies Jessica
13 mins

Inspiring kids to keep our waterways clean

In Australia, we know that water is precious. The last drought had a severe and lasting impact on families all around the country, from the cities to the bush Karen
8 mins

Robin Barker on why the ocean is so good for kids

Most of us know Robin Barker through her book, Baby Love, but she also has a passion for the sea. She talks about why ocean swimming is such a…
10 mins

Travelling around Australia with 4 kids in the car

Curtis De La Pierre is a stay-at-home Dad who likes to get out of his home town of Melbourne, often jumping in the car with his family and travelling long…
10 mins