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Part of the Kinderling Conversation for parents. Every Friday from 12pm
Each week we debate, laugh and pry apart the biggest news stories affecting families. This is where the village comes together!

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Catch up on the latest Parent Panel segments

Parent Panel: kids' show we can’t stand, parental leave and sharenting

Presenter / author Marc Fennell (SBS, ABC) and journalist  Madeleine Genner (ABC) join us to discuss the big issues parents face. Which kids shows do you love to hate…
37 mins

Parent Panel: Sugar tax, Beyonce & surviving kids' parties

Should we have a sugar tax? Are firstborn kids the smartest? And how do you do kids' parties without going broke or insane? Choice journalist Kate Browne and broadcaster  …
35 mins

Parent Panel: Valentine's Day, pre-nups & childcare cake scandals

Welcome to Kinderling's first Parent Panel: where the village comes together Blogger Kristen Toovey and our own online editor Jason Treuen get stuck into the hottest issues of the week.…
36 mins