The Parent Panel

Part of the Kinderling Conversation for parents. Every Friday from 12pm.

Being a parent makes you a member of an exclusive club, a membership that entitles you to the best hugs, damp kisses and a love that moves mountains. But of course, we can't forget the boogers, poop explosions and less sexy parts of being a parent.

The Parent Panel is a hilarious podcast where two of Australia's favourite parents will break down the week that was: from the news desk to the nursery.

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Parent Panel: Can you be too old to be a new parent, one night stands, and how to cope with bullying

TV presenter, radio host and writer Yumi Stynes and musician Kevin Mitchell of Bob Evans fame join Shevonne Hunt on Friday's panel this week Discussing everything from school bullies, child support…
34 mins

Parent Panel: bringing babies to work, sugar, funny fixes for feuding siblings

This week Kinderling's own online editor Jason Treuen, and Sarah Hunstead of CPR Kids, delve into topics like kids driving cars, taking baby to work, and how to deal with…
30 mins

Parent Panel: Teenage parents, sick kids and daycare, how to teach your children about Anzac Day

Graphic designer Beck Feiner and author Amie Harper used their combined parenting battlescars/experience to nut out the week that was From debating whether or not teenagers should raise children, when…
31 mins

Parent Panel: Easter hats, sexism with toddlers, and sperm donation

From craft fails to sperm donation, this week the panel definitely laugh as hard as they chat Kate Browne from Choice Australia and Sunil Badami, writer, academic and story teller at…
34 mins

Parent Panel: childcare reform package, fake Peppa videos, giant inflatable boobs

CEO of Life Education NSW, Kellie Sloane and TV and radio personality James Mathison join Shevonne Hunt on Friday's panel this week The panel discuss the proposed changes in Government’s…
34 mins

Parent Panel: explaining awful events to kids, joint finances and mummy martyrdom

How do you find the words to explain what’s happened in London to your kids? Tina Harris, otherwise known as Lah Lah from Lah Lah’s Big Live Band
35 mins