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Parents and carers are the foundation of any family. After all, to look after kids, you need to look after yourself too. Kinderling Conversation brings you the latest info and friendly advice, as well as exploring the raft of issues facing modern parents.1800 KIDS

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Co-sleeping: the taboo topic

Most parents seem to do it, but few will admit to it. Co-sleeping can be a controversial topic, but author of Mother Zen Jacinta Tynan says it doesn’t need to…
13 mins

Should Australia make smacking illegal?

At the beginning of the year France became the 52nd country to ban smacking, should Australia do the same? Robin Barker, author of Baby Love, takes us through the thorny…
16 mins

Why your brain is the key to losing weight

Psychologist, nutrition coach and personal trainer Leanne Hall believes that achieving sustainable weight loss has nothing to do with diets. In this interview she gives tips on how to start…
14 mins

Why we need to think twice about “sharenting”

Is there any harm in posting images of our kids on Facebook? We all love to share the moments that make us laugh or smile, so why should we ask…
15 mins

Why do single Mums get such a bad rap?

Award winning Australian journalist Erin O Dwyer takes on the critics who bad mouth single mums.
15 mins

Finding the romance again after kids

Desiree Spierings from Sexual Health Australia gives parents several tips on how to find the love when romance has slipped off the radar.
15 mins