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Parents and carers are the foundation of any family. After all, to look after kids, you need to look after yourself too. Kinderling Conversation brings you the latest info and friendly advice, as well as exploring the raft of issues facing modern parents.

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Why technology is good for your family

These days we tend to think that tablets, phones and computers get in the way of good communication, but there are ways it can actually help you connect with your…
16 mins

Working with children as a blind man

Ben Phillips was born with an eye condition which saw him undergo countless operations as a young child. He is now legally blind. In this episode we talk to him…
20 mins

My week with Archie: Sallie Don

Comedian, Sallie Don, joins us to chat about her week with her two year old son, Archie This week Archie obsesses over poo and Shevonne reveals her family kissing habits.…
8 mins

EOFY resolutions

It’s the end of the financial year, and so it’s time to do your tax In this episode we look at some EOFY resolutions with tips that will put you…
9 mins

Who am I? Finding yourself again after becoming a "mum" or "dad"

Parenthood can be all consuming. An intimate bubble filled with love and chaos. Keeping a sense of self, who you are beyond being a parent, can be hard.  GUEST: Rebecca…
24 mins

Giving birth in PNG

When women in Australia give birth, they don't have to walk kilometres to the nearest hospital.  The vast majority will have the help of a midwife or doctor. This is…
12 mins