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Parents and carers are the foundation of any family. After all, to look after kids, you need to look after yourself too. Kinderling Conversation brings you the latest info and friendly advice, as well as exploring the raft of issues facing modern parents.

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National Carers Week special: Meeting Mary

We meet Mary who’s 16 years old and along with her mum, cares for her father and younger brother. She’s just one of 300,000 young carers around Australia looking after…
7 mins

Is work-life balance even possible?

It’s something we all strive for, but are we looking at it all wrong? We talk to psychologist and career coach Samantha Symes about the ultimate time management challenge and…
14 mins

What your family home might look like in 10 years

Imagine a future where your toothbrush can tell you when you’re getting sick or a lawn mower that can order fertilizer based on the pH of your backyards grass clippings…
19 mins

Jane Caro talks balancing kids with your relationship

Sleep deprivation, differing expectations and not enough time in the day… it’s easy to see why parenting can put a strain on your relationship Shevonne talks to TV presenter Jane
12 mins

Essential water safety tips for parents

With toddler drownings on the rise, Amy Peden from the Royal Life Saving Society shares nine tips for a safer summer near water.
13 mins

Pressure on grandparents now juggling work and childcare

If you’re lucky, you have wonderful parents and in-laws who are happy to help out with caring for your child According to a report for the National Seniors Productive Ageing…
11 mins