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Parents and carers are the foundation of any family. After all, to look after kids, you need to look after yourself too. Kinderling Conversation brings you the latest info and friendly advice, as well as exploring the raft of issues facing modern parents.

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The new program helping women with infertility

Learn more about the new infertility program, Positive Mind Body,  developed by Dr Domar in the United States and proven to improve the success of IVF treatment.   GUEST: Dr Alice…
19 mins

Parenting across the cultural divide

When Zoe Miller met her partner, she thought he had a nice smile, and he was kind. He was also a former refugee from Sierra Lione They fell in love…
16 mins

Returning to full-time work

Blogger and mum of three, Bianca Wordley, has written an open letter on her blog apologising to all working mothers, 'I Was Wrong' she says. In this episode, we talk…
11 mins

Parenting as a team

It might sound simple but parenting as a team can do wonders for your relationship and help your child feel more secure GUEST: Jack Ellis, Family Mediator and Conflict…
24 mins

Parenting teenagers

Eek! Teenagers! Today we look ahead to what's in store for us once our small children grow up to be teenagers. It's not as scarey as you think GUEST: Lana…
12 mins

Separation and children, how to do it well

Going through a separation isn't easy. In this episode we talk about how to reduce the impact of separation and divorce on young children GUEST: Jack Ellis, family mediator and…
25 mins