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Placenta encapsulation, yes or no?

Would you save your placenta after having a baby for encapsulation Eating your placenta has been reported to be a good source of iron, it's meant to help with post natal…
12 mins

Pre and post natal fitness

Pregnancy and having a baby can change our bodies dramatically. What once was easy might be more challenging (like touching your toes!)… or you might need help strengthening parts of your…
14 mins

Lack of sleep and birth trauma

Before you have children everyone will tell you about the lack of sleep, but there's nothing that can quite prepare you for the experience. Shevonne Hunt and Lucy Kippist know…
16 mins

Breastfeeding with Robin Barker

Robin Barker and her famous book, Baby Love, helped countless families around Australia navigate the mysterious and challenging role that is parenthood.  In this episode, hear her advice on…
17 mins

Should breastfeeding hurt?

Breastfeeding is a breeze for some women, but it can be incredibly challenging for others.  Many women are told "it shouldn't hurt", but is this the right message to keep…
15 mins

Giving birth in PNG

When women in Australia give birth, they don't have to walk kilometres to the nearest hospital.  The vast majority will have the help of a midwife or doctor. This is…
12 mins