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Tackling Post Natal Depression in men

It’s well-known that PND affects a lot of women after baby is born, but did you know it also affects one in ten men? In this Perinatal Depression and Anxiety…
11 mins

Diagnosing and defusing Post Natal Depression

In Australia, one in seven women and one in ten men experience Post Natal Depression. This week’s Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Week so we speak to Doctor Nicole Highet from…
20 mins

What it's like to have a premature baby

Amy Kennedy had her son Cody at 35 weeks of pregnancy. On World Prematurity Day we speak to her about how she managed the emotional upheaval of having a baby…
11 mins

Baby expert Jo Ryan's advice for taming night-time routines

Every Monday, our in-house expert tackles listeners’ tricky questions about parenting and other chaos. This week, Baby Bliss author Jo Ryan offers invaluable advice on maintaining day and night routines…
13 mins

Talking baby rashes with Baby Love’s Robin Barker

Baby Love author Robin Barker has seen plenty of rashes. On babies, we mean. She chats to host Shevonne Hunt about the bane of all babies’ bums and the best…
14 mins

Dr Howard Chilton shares his most invaluable newborn advice

Dr Howard Chilton is a celebrated author and a neonatal paediatrician at the Royal Hospital for Women at Randwick, with over 35 years’ experience. He chats to our host Shevonne…
10 mins