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Pregnancy research into miscarriage and birth defects discovers Vitamin B3 is key

Australian researchers have made the biggest breakthrough in pregnancy health since Folate was discovered to reduce nerual tube defects in babies The Victor Chang Institute has found that Vitamin B3 can cure…
12 mins

Everything you've ever needed to know about teething

Specialist paediatric dentist Dr Philippa Sawyer from the Australian Dental Association gets to the root of all your teething concerns. From pain relief, when to see a dentist, gum inflamation…
14 mins

Why is breastfeeding still a sensitive topic?

Do you breastfeed your baby? Do they take forumla? Like many topics in parenting, breastfeeding has become a sensitive topic This week is World Breastfeeding Week. Louise Duursma from the…
11 mins

Why we all need to embrace the 'fourth' trimester

Anyone who has had a baby knows all about the three trimesters, but have you heard about the "fourth" The fourth trimester follows the idea that during the first months…
10 mins

Why we should all be talking to our babies

They may not seem to have much to say, but babies are actually communicating with us from as early as 4 weeks Professor Marc de Rosnay from Early Start at…
15 mins

Would you donate breast milk to a mum you didn't know?

Research shows that premature babies benefit hugely from being breast-fed. But what happens when it's not possible Ben Hartmann of King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth shines a light on…
16 mins