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Protecting yourself from pregnancy discrimination

Eliza Sarlos became interested in pregnancy discrimination while on maternity leave, and decided to change her career to do something about it. She’s now a solicitor with Hall Payne Lawyers…
20 mins

Bringing parents, carers and babies together from the start

CEO of Playgroup NSW, Karen Bevan joins Shevonne Hunt to talk about their brand new free initiative: PlayBaby.
10 mins

Navigating conflicting advice with Robin Barker

As soon as you fall pregnant, you start getting advice from everywhere. Friends, family, the internet, strangers in the supermarket... Robin Barker, author of Baby Love, tells us…
18 mins

Healing from a traumatic birth

We all have different experiences of birth and labour, but a traumatic birth can have a lasting impact. Melissa Bruijn and midwife Deb Gould run Birthtalk, supporting women who have…
15 mins

Midwives saving lives in Ethiopia

A midwife can be the difference between life and death. This is definitely the case in Ethiopia where 85 percent of births take place without a doctor or a midwife…
13 mins

Getting your child to ditch the dummy

Is your child a bit too fond of their dummy? Jo Ryan from Baby Bliss gives us some tips on how you can get rid of the dummy with minimum fuss.
9 mins