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What you need to know about forceps delivery

When expecting your first child, you’re told a lot about what to expect during labour. You’re not always told about the potential injuries. Lyz Evans from Women In Focus Physio talks…
14 mins

Preparing for pregnancy

What are the main things you need to organise before falling pregnant? Zoe Newton, a Registered Midwife & the Clinical Lead at Medibank Health Solutions, outlines the main things…
14 mins

Proposed Paid Parental Leave cuts short-change parents

The Government's proposed 'crackdown' on parents getting the Paid Parental Leave and similar benefits from their employer is set to have a huge impact on new parents.  Jo Briskey from…
6 mins

How do you choose the best private cover for pregnancy?

If you’ve decided you want to take out private health cover, you still need to know the right questions to ask. Tania Parker and Belinda Prior from Medibank take us…
15 mins

Can Australia reduce still birth rates?

Six babies are born dead every day in Australia, a third of which can be prevented. ABC investigative journalist Hagar Cohen researched how this figure can be reduced and spoke…
15 mins

The truth about pregnancy and paracetamol

Paracetamol has been one of the few drugs considered safe for women during pregnancy. New research has claimed its use during pregnancy is linked to behavioural issues in children But…
6 mins