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What is gestational diabetes and how does it impact pregnancy?

Five to eight per cent of pregnant women will develop gestational diabetes, usually in the 24th to 28th week of pregnancy. Melinda Morrison, National Program Leader of the NDSS…
13 mins

Recovering from Perinatal Anxiety and Depression

Perinatal depression and anxiety is relatively common in Australia. One in seven new mums and up to one in ten new dads experience postnatal depression. But like many illnesses, you…
10 mins

Why new mums need more support

When you have a new baby, what do you spend money on? Kinderling Conversation host Shevonne Hunt admits that she spent a lot of time and money on baby clothes…
13 mins

Recognising and treating post- and peri- natal depression and anxiety

Having a baby is one of the most exciting and life-changing things you can do. But there’s no denying it’s also challenging. Terri Smith, CEO of Perinatal Anxiety and…
16 mins

What you need to know about forceps delivery

When expecting your first child, you’re told a lot about what to expect during labour. You’re not always told about the potential injuries. Lyz Evans from Women In Focus Physio talks…
14 mins

Preparing for pregnancy

What are the main things you need to organise before falling pregnant? Zoe Newton, a Registered Midwife & the Clinical Lead at Medibank Health Solutions, outlines the main things…
14 mins