Screen Free Challenge

Part of the Kinderling Conversation for parents.

The Screen Free Challenge is back for 2017! 

Kinderling Conversation is bringing you heaps of expert tips and idea for putting the screens down for an hour, a day or whatever suits your family.

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How screen time impacts young brains

For everyone screens, and in particular smart phones, consume so much time. They're a huge part of kids' development now. But how does omniprescent technology actually affect what happens in…
13 mins

Tips for exploring art with your child

Helping your kids explore their creativity can be more than putting textas and paper in front of them. This week’s Screen Free Challenge theme is ART and CRAFT and we…
13 mins

Engaging kids with arts and crafts

Wee Care Kindergarten in Waverley is one of the most sought after childcare spaces in Sydney with their reputation for child-led learning and creativity. Listen to their educators explain how…
9 mins

Why kids need nature play to grow

We’re a pretty risk-averse society in general, and as parents and carers, it’s natural to worry about our young charges. We spend a lot of time watching them with eagle-eyes…
10 mins

Gardening ideas for kids with Costa the Garden Gnome

Gardening is this week’s Screen Free Challenge theme so we headed to a community garden to visit Costa Georgiadis of Gardening Australia. Younger viewers might also know him as Costa…
12 mins

Kristen Toovey takes on our Screen Free Challenge

We're halfway through our Screen Free Challenge, so we checked in to see how one family is faring. Kristen Toovey is a regular blogger and Kinderling Conversation guest who's kept a…
9 mins