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Toddlers are delightful, messy, challenging and amazing. We explore what makes our toddlers tick, and talk to the best experts and educators to help us all raise happy and healthy kids.

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Play through music: The Rhythm Tree

Most children love music. It's a fun and open way of expressing themselves The Rhythm Tree in Melbourne is a place where families with young children can enjoy music together,…
10 mins

How to deal with the fussy eater

Getting children to eat the right foods at dinner time isn't always an easy task. 
Hear Dr Margie Danchin reveal all the tips and tricks on how to deal with…
11 mins

Night terrors

Night terrors can be terrifying for parents as well as their toddlers. Find out the difference between nightmares and night terrors and how you should deal with a child that's…
14 mins

An easy way to explain the birds and the bees

It's a question that most children will ask at some point in their lives, but how will you answer it? A new book is here to make the process a…
17 mins

How toddler's develop their social skills

When do children start developing social skills and how can we help them along the way? GUEST: Denielle Jans, Early Childhood Educator at the Benevolent Society WEBSITE: Benevolent Society
13 mins

Dog safety and small children

Every dog has a different temperament and level of irritability based on their age, breed and background. In this episode, with help from the RSPCA, we consider how kids can…
9 mins