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Toddlers are delightful, messy, challenging and amazing. We explore what makes our toddlers tick, and talk to the best experts and educators to help us all raise happy and healthy kids.

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Dog safety and small children

Every dog has a different temperament and level of irritability based on their age, breed and background. In this episode, with help from the RSPCA, we consider how kids can…
9 mins

EduKite: Online updates about your child's day

When children start day care or any care outside the home it can feel strange not being with them 24/7. It's nice to know what's going on and how your…
9 mins

Destination spotlight: Fraser Island

Fraser Island, off the Queensland coast, is the largest sand island in the world. It’s a great place for fishing trips, camping and ecotourism. The kids will love it GUEST:…
9 mins

10 ways to guarantee a tantrum

Zoe Meunier has a two and a half year old daughter and a five year old son so she's seen her fair share of tantrums. Even the smallest things can…
17 mins

Toddler sleep patterns

We always hear about babies and their sleep routines, it's a delicate balance that constantly changes. Fast forward two your toddler waking through the night or having trouble settling…
12 mins

Future Proofing Your Child: Kathy Walker

Do you ever wonder what kind of things your child will love as they grow up? How they'll be influenced by friends or deal with pressures at school Kathy Walker…
13 mins