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Toddlers are delightful, messy, challenging and amazing. We explore what makes our toddlers tick, and talk to the best experts and educators to help us all raise happy and healthy kids.

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Toy safety for under 3s

With Christmas closing in way too quickly, we chat Kay Lockhart at Kidsafe NSW about the best and safest toys for under three-year-olds. How accurate are age ranges? What about…
12 mins

Learning through play

Children learn through play, that's what we've been told, but how does it work and why is it so important And is playing well enough to prepare your child for…
10 mins

Helping your children manage their emotions

Toddlers can express some pretty extreme emotions (otherwise known as tantrums). How can we help our children to understand and manage their feelings?  GUEST: Denielle Jans, Early Childhood Educator…
17 mins

Teaching manners through martial arts

Do you want your child to have good manners? Would you like them to say please and thankyou, and to be polite? Rose Smith says that children can learn manners…
14 mins

Yoga for kids

Ever thought it would be nice if your child was a bit more zen? Stan Ruza from Fit n Fun Fitness explains how children can be taught the basics of…
11 mins