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Toddlers are delightful, messy, challenging and amazing. We explore what makes our toddlers tick, and talk to the best experts and educators to help us all raise happy and healthy kids.

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Nightmares: what are they, and how do we help our child when they have one

When children have nightmares, particularly recurring ones, it can be quite frightening Dr Chris Seaton is a Paediatric and Adolescent Sleep Physician from the Woolcock Institute. He reveals that while…
15 mins

The best apps for supporting learning in children

These days there is an app for most things, lots of which we download and never use. When it comes to our kids education, there are a few types of…
11 mins

A little monkey helping kids build resilience

Nicole Kelly is the author of The Adventures of Peanut Monkey A mum of two she explains to producer Cinnamon Nippard how she came to publish her own series…
7 mins

How to drop a day-time sleep and maintain your sanity

Sleep consultant Natalie Herman gives her tips to help you through letting go of the day sleep, how to know when you child is ready to drop the sleep, and…
8 mins

Everything you've ever needed to know about teething

Specialist paediatric dentist Dr Philippa Sawyer from the Australian Dental Association gets to the root of all your teething concerns. From pain relief, when to see a dentist, gum inflamation…
14 mins

When toddlers and children won’t sleep

You get through the severe sleep deprivation of new parenthood and you think: "Awesome! I have a toddler/ child and now we will all sleep through the night!" Only that's…
10 mins