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Toddlers are delightful, messy, challenging and amazing. We explore what makes our toddlers tick, and talk to the best experts and educators to help us all raise happy and healthy kids.

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Tourette's Syndrome: more than tics and swearing

This week is Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week. We took some time to chat to Robyn Latimer, the president of the Tourette Syndrome Assosication of Australia (TSAA) to understand the…
8 mins

Why girls need our help now

Steve Biddulph is possibly best known for his book Raising Boys, but after 30 years of concentrating on helping boys, he says it’s our girls who now need our…
14 mins

Inspiring craft ideas with illustrator Lucie Billingsley

Run out of projects to do with the kids Crafty Mum extraordinaire Lucie Billingsley takes us through some inspiring ideas on what you can do with your kids that won’t…
12 mins

The benefits of teaching young kids how to surf

Tamati Tapara has started a surf school on the NSW Central Coast. He’s teaching children as young as five how to surf, and says that it’s the perfect extra curricular…
14 mins

It's time we started saying 'NO' to our kids

Christina O’Connell, a clinical psychologist with the Resilience Centre says that teaching kids self-control is one of the most important skills we can teach our kids, and the way we…
16 mins

Basic personal safety lessons for kids

Dr Cath Laws, President of the Protective Behaviours Consultancy Group of NSW discusses how parents can educate kids about personal safety This Better Families segment is brought to you…
16 mins