Unsafe cots and prams are being sold around Australia, Choice Australia warns

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Tue 17 July 2018

11 mins

You could be forgiven for thinking that cots and prams across Australia must pass Australian Safety Standards before they are sold to the public.

A recent report by CHOICE Australia has shown that this is not true, and they’re calling on the Government to make changes.

“In Australia it’s not illegal to sell an unsafe product," says Sarah Agar from CHOICE Australia. Particularly with portable cots, they found that many aren't meeting safety guidelines, and won't do anything about it until a regulating body checks the product, or someone is hurt by a product.

“We tested 60 portable cots from 2011 to 2018. We tested them against mandatory standards, which everything is meant to meet, and we tested them against voluntary standards, which is an extra level that businesses can meet. What we found was a massive 73% of those portable cots failed really important safety tests in the mandatory standards.”

The major risks that failed safety standards include the firmness of the mattress so a child doesn't suffocate, if the frame is sturdy enough so it won't collapse, and if there are any finger, head or neck traps. 

Listen to the full interview to hear Sarah take us through their product testing, the reasons why we might not be getting the safest products, and some of the more worrisome brands that are failing safety tests but still make it onto shelves.

If you have concerns about product safety, CHOICE recommends;

For the full report check out the CHOICE website.

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