What’s the deal with mouth ulcers?

Part of the Kinderling Conversation for parents. Weekdays 12pm-1pm.

Wed 13 September 2017

7 mins

Dr Elysia Thorton Benko is a GP from Bondi Road Doctors and she shares the many different reasons and treatments for mouth ulcers.

Most of the time in kids, it’s just a little bit of a traumatic injury. They may have just been a bit over vigorous with that independent teeth cleaning, or they’ve knocked into it and maybe not remembered. With complaints of a little bit of pain, have a look at it. If the mouth is not too inflamed then there’s no need to worry.

With more than one ulcer in the mouth, it could be a viral infection like hand, foot and mouth or even herpes. While the latter is a little concerning, remember that cold sores is the herpes simplex virus, so if a parent has cold sores they may have passed it on.

Another reason for multiple ulcers at once could be nutritional deficiencies or an underlying condition, so make sure kids eat a rainbow-coloured, varied diet, eating enough fruit and veg.

If they’re unwell and there are recurring ulcers, seek medical attention. Trust your gut instinct.

As for the best treatments for an ulcer? Normally, you can leave it to heal on its own. For some other easy home remedies for treating discomfort, take five minutes to listen to Elysia here on Kinderling Conversation.

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