What it's like to have a baby who can't hear you

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Wed 18 July 2018

12 mins

All Australian babies have their hearing tested at birth, but few expect that they will come back with profound hearing loss.

Josh Ryan and his wife Michelle welcomed their second child Ava into the world at the beginning of 2018. They also had no family history of hearing loss or deafness.

When Ava's mandatory tests came back with some abnormalities, the Ryans didn't know what to expect. By the time Ava was two-weeks-old she had a confirmed diagnosis of bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss.

Josh and his wife Michelle made the decision that Ava would undergo cochlear implant surgery in mid August 2018; a decision that was not easy to make.

A week before the surgery Josh and his father Mike will run 14 kilometres in Sydney's City 2 Surf to raise awareness and funds for The Shepherd Centre who have been an invaluable support and resource since Ava's diagnosis.

Josh opens up to Shevonne Hunt about what it was like recieving that initial diagnosis and how the first six months have been.

Josh and his family have been supported by The Shepherd Centre.

Little Ava Ryan (L) with her big brother. Ava was diagnosed two weeks after birth with bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss.

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