The upcoming childcare strike explained, and why you should support it

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Tue 6 February 2018

12 mins

Early Childhood Educators mold and care for our kids their most formative years. They play such integral roles in their emotional and intellectual development. They're also consistently one of the more low paid, trade qualified workers in the Australian work force. They're often out earned by casual staff in the retail sector. Prompted by the missed deadline for equal pay by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, educators are taking action.

On March 27 Early Childhood Educators across Australia are asking parents to make alternative care arrangements for children ages five and under, so that educators can 'walk off' in protest of low wages and lack of industrial support.

If it goes ahead it will be the biggest early education walk off in Australia history, and the third mass staff walk off in the last 12 months.

Samantha Page is the CEO fo Early Childhood Australia, and she believes that a combination of factors contribute to the persistently low wages for qualified educators.

She explains the complications around subsidies, what the walk off means for parents, and what needs to change in order for worker and family rights to be met.

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