Winter safety tips and first aid that could save your child's life

Part of the Kinderling Conversation for parents. Weekdays 12pm-1pm.

Wed 2 August 2017

12 mins

We love to snuggle up to keep cosy, but there are many obvious and surprising elements of warming up that can be dangerous to kids.

Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids gives insight into how to deal with accidents that can arise during the winter months.

Particularly surprisng is the risk big, bulky jackets present in car seats. During winter we rug our children up in lots of layers of clothes. When we put them in the car seat we may think that they are tucked in tight, but bulky jackets and parkas mean that seatbelts aren't sitting close to a child's body. Sarah's recommendation is to remove the jacket when placing a child in their harness to avoid injury in case of an accident.

Sarah also gives a great overview for treating burns (plus you can check out our comprehensive guide, too) and sneaking hazards when the family contracts winter lurgies.

For more information or tips on home first aid from Sarah and the CPR Kids team, just head to their website.

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