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hosted by Shevonne Hunt and produced by Elise Cooper

They say it takes a village to raise a child, so welcome to ours!

Kinderling Conversation is dedicated to taking the guess-work out of parenting.

Hosted by journalist and mum Shevonne Hunt, you'll hear friendly advice, interviews with experts and insightful tips from trail-blazing parents and carers. Produced by Elise Cooper.

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Tue 12 April 2016

30 mins
Featured the following interviews

What sleep deprivation is doing to your mind

Most parents are well acquainted with the feeling of sleep deprivation. You can feel hazy, have a slight headache, and be extra sensitive. Professor David Hillman is the President of…
10 mins

The importance of looking after you

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz has released the beautiful Happy Mama book which is all about finding yourself again after having children. For new mums, it can be easy to let go of the…
14 mins

Breastfeeding cafe owner discusses 'free tea' initiative

Caring Sydney cafe owner Natala Bain has decided to welcome breastfeeding mums with open arms... and a free cup of tea (even if they don't intend on buying anything!)  After…
4 mins

Mon 11 April 2016

25 mins
Featured the following interviews

Encouraging kids to use cutlery

Your child might love eating with their hands, but at some point a spoon and fork might be a good idea. Find tips for introducing cutlery with nutritionist Jess Beaton
8 mins

Handling meltdowns and sibling squabbling

MotherCraft Nurse Chris Minogue gives catered advice for parents wanting guidance on everything from settling techniques, starting solids and managing tantrums Today on Kinderling Helpline, Chris helps a mum deal…
13 mins

Fri 8 April 2016

30 mins
Featured the following interviews

Jane Caro on why we shouldn't be afraid of public schools

How do you feel about your local public school? Are you worried that it may be under-resourced, or too crowded? Social commentator and public school advocate Jane Caro says that…
12 mins

Can yoga make you a better parent?

Could a Downward Dog make things a little easier with your wayward toddler? Leonie Percy, author of Mother Om,  says it can. And if you can’t find the space…
11 mins

Thu 7 April 2016

31 mins
Featured the following interviews

Keeping up with the kids online

Technology is changing at breakneck pace. Find out how to stay engaged with what your kids are doing on screens with Vincent Trundle, Digital Education Producer at the Australian…
9 mins

How to make your family holiday fun and easy

When your kids are little, a family holiday can just feel like the same amount of chaos in a different location. Not so, says Travel Without Tears author Sally Webb
19 mins

Wed 6 April 2016

32 mins
Featured the following interviews

Breaking the cycle of toxic parenting and teaching kids about sustainability and money

Discover how you can find your own confident and unique style of parenting with Karen Young from Hey Sigmund, we also learn about the joy of sustainability for kids at…
32 mins

Tue 5 April 2016

30 mins
Featured the following interviews

Aboriginal parenting, childcare subsidies and GOMA's kid-friendly art

Danielle Hobday, mother of Child Magazine's cover child Tjandamurra, chats about how Aboriginal culture has influenced her parenting style.  Danielle extols the joys of extended families, the benefiits of…
30 mins