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hosted by Shevonne Hunt and produced by Elise Cooper

They say it takes a village to raise a child, so welcome to ours!

Kinderling Conversation is dedicated to taking the guess-work out of parenting.

Hosted by journalist and mum Shevonne Hunt, you'll hear friendly advice, interviews with experts and insightful tips from trail-blazing parents and carers.

Produced by Elise Cooper.

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Tue 26 January 2016

31 mins
Featured the following interviews

Alison Lester on writing Australian children’s books, icy healthy treats for summer and how to pick furniture when you have young, messy children

We thought we’d celebrate Australia day with one of our favourite authors- Alison Lester, also some quick, easy and healthy summer treats to cool down little bodies without overloading them…
31 mins

Mon 25 January 2016

30 mins
Featured the following interviews

Tips on going back to work, and what toys should we avoid in the pool?

Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue gives tips on going back to work with small children, continuing to breastfeed after returning to work and asks there such a thing as too much…
30 mins

Fri 22 January 2016

28 mins
Featured the following interviews

A picture book for new Dads, are mother-in-laws all that bad? And the Friday music download.

Aaron Blabey is best known for his books for children (e.g. Pig the Pug) but he also has a hilarious and touching book for new Dads. He talks to us…
28 mins

Thu 21 January 2016

29 mins
Featured the following interviews

Josh Pyke and his musical family

Musician and songwriter Josh Pyke is about to head out on a national tour in support of his latest album But For All These Shrinking Hearts.   He popped in…
16 mins

5 myths about baby's sleep

Since having your baby you've probably been offered a plethora of “expert” advice from everyone telling you how to get your baby to sleep. But will this advice give you…
10 mins

Wed 20 January 2016

33 mins
Featured the following interviews

Live music from the Tiwi Island singers

Today we were lucky to have members from the Tiwi Islands Strong Women’s Group in the studio to sing live for us.  They travelled all the way from the far…
13 mins

Robin Barker on baby growth, inspiring whooping cough campaigner and music from the Tiwi Islands

Baby Love's Robin Barker explains what to look out for when weighing and measuring your baby in the first 12 months.  Catherine Hughes, 2016 WA Young Australian of the…
33 mins

Tue 19 January 2016

30 mins
Featured the following interviews

Beating separation anxiety at big school

The first day of school is a huge one for kids and parents alike. We speak to psychologist and parenting author Jodie Benveniste about how it can affect both sides…
11 mins