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It takes a village to raise a child - welcome to ours! Join host and mum-of-two Shevonne Hunt for friendly advice, interviews and insightful tips. 

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Catch up on the latest episodes

Fri 19 June 2015

51 mins
Featured the following interviews

Top 7 educational app games for kids

Some kids apps are better than others. In this episode our kids app expert, Kate Highfield gives us her top 7 best app games for 2-6 year olds GUEST: Dr…
14 mins

Online mother's group helping refugees

Mums 4 Refugees released a moving video on Mother's Day bringing together Australian women in support of the mums and families being held in Australian immigration detention centres In this…
8 mins

Make a brilliant mess - ArtPlay Melbourne

In this episode we talk to an organisation that encourages children to build real self confidence through art Art Play is based in Melbourne’s CBD and encourages parents and their…
14 mins

The best books about princesses

Sally Zwartz is a children's book advocate. She’s spent years finding and reading the best children’s books for her podcast Catch it By the Tail on Eastside radio.  Based on her extensive…
11 mins

Thu 18 June 2015

55 mins
Featured the following interviews

Destination spotlight: Canberra

School holidays are almost here! In this episode we feature a place that's often overlooked in favour of warmer, sandier destinations. Canberra has a lot going on for young kids…
10 mins

Fostering hope in children

In this episode positive psychologist and Kidspot expert, Dr Justin Coulson, has some interesting ideas about fostering hope in children GUEST: Dr Justin Coulson, Positive Psychologist WEBSITE: Kidspot - Dr…
7 mins

How is the quality of early education and care determined?

What does quality mean in relation to a child's early education? How is quality assured and maintained? In this episode we talk to the organisation that oversees the quality of…
16 mins

Home births

There are many different ways of bringing a child into the world, in this episode we look at the stigma around home births and talk to a midwife about the…
20 mins

Wed 17 June 2015

61 mins
Featured the following interviews

Choosing the right pram

When your children are very small, prams are an essential item. But with so many different options out there, how do you choose the right one? Add one or more…
14 mins

Former child refugee Mohammad Ali Baqiri shares his story

Mohammed Ali Baqiri came to Australia by boat without his parents when he was only 10 years old. His family had fled to Pakistan after escaping persecution from the Taliban…
17 mins

Autism series. #1. The diagnosis

Autism is estimated to affect every 1 in 100 Australians, yet if you suspect your child might be autistic it can be a long, confusing and emotional road to diagnosis…
14 mins

Tue 16 June 2015

55 mins
Featured the following interviews

Home and backyard safety with Kidsafe NSW

When babies start crawling your home can become an amazing playground with so many nooks and crannies to explore and so many things for tiny hands to play with Keeping…
13 mins

Renovating with a tiny baby

In this episode of Blah Blah Blah we chat to actor Penny McNamee who's starred as the wicked witch in Wicked and has appeared in TV shows like Elementary and…
18 mins

Baby shower gift ideas

Mandi Gunsberger is the founder and CEO of Babyology, and has done her fair share of researching for baby shower gift ideas. Listen to some of her gift ideas in…
8 mins

Getting your toddler's attention

Getting children to listen can not only help their development and growth, but it can also help them stay safe. In this episode we explore why some children just won't…
15 mins

Mon 15 June 2015

55 mins
Featured the following interviews

Art for kids

Lots of art galleries around Australia are really starting to push family friendly programs and exhibitions that parents can enjoy together with their kids. In this episode we’re joined by…
9 mins

Food to help boost the immune system

In this episode we look at the power of food and how it can help boost your family's immune system through Winter GUEST: Jess Beaton, Nutritionist and Dietician, One Handed…
8 mins

Baby helpline: Monday June 15, 2015

Every Monday, experienced Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue, answers your questions on sleep, weaning, settling, bathing, routines, development and anything in between In this episode: SLEEP: 18 week old waking up…
23 mins

The superannuation gender gap

Industry Super Australia estimates that by 2030, women will be retiring with 39% less superannuation than men. That is, on average men are expected to retire on around $170,000 more…
12 mins

Fri 12 June 2015

50 mins
Featured the following interviews

Indoor play activities for winter

Here are some indoor play activities (perfect for winter) to keep the little ones happy and busy GUEST: Neva Elliott, Founder and Author of Busy Little Kids WEBSITE: Busy Little…
10 mins

Song of the Sea- an Irish animation

Song of the Sea is a new Irish animation doing the festival circuit. And we reckon it's worth checking out! Recommended age from us: discerning 5 year old, or 6…
8 mins

Managing gestational diabetes

Finding out you have gestational diabetes during pregnancy can be confronting and challenging. How do you manage your food intake so that you and your child are healthy and well…
18 mins