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Essential advice on parenting and children, followed by a guided meditation. Weekdays at 12pm and wherever you get your podcasts.

It takes a village to raise a child - welcome to ours! Join host and mum-of-two Shevonne Hunt for friendly advice, interviews and insightful tips. 

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Catch up on the latest episodes

Thu 8 October 2015

55 mins
Featured the following interviews

Teaching kids about money

How do you educate children about the concept of cash? When should they get pocket money? And what about learning to save? We had a great chat with Effie Zahos
11 mins

Travelling with kids! Destination: Hong Kong

Come with intrepid traveller and author Sally Webb as she plays tour guide and takes on a trip to the mesmerising Asian metropolis. She gives us the goss on the…
14 mins

Baby Love author Robin Barker talks poo

We cut through the crap and ask Baby Love author Robin Barker all about baby poo. What's normal, what's not and the poo stories she's still getting over…
13 mins

Wed 7 October 2015

56 mins
Featured the following interviews

Graeme Base discusses his new book Eye To Eye

Graeme Base, the celebrated author of kids classics like The 11th Hour and Animalia, chats to host Shevonne Hunt about his great new book Eye To Eye
15 mins

Kidzcationz's Top 5 travel destinations for kids

At just 12 years old, Bella Tipping has founded Kidzcationz, a travel review site written by kids for kids. Hear our interview with her and mum Bernadette, and check out…
10 mins

Tue 6 October 2015

52 mins
Featured the following interviews

How play can help 0-3 year old milestones

Why is play so important for young infants? How can we help our babies to develop and reach their milestones?  Montessori have a particular approach to the development of babies…
16 mins

A picture book helping to protect children

Former police woman and mother of three, Kate Power, has created a book to educate children about personal safety. It’s fun, it’s bright, and it rhymes…   GUEST: Kate Power, author My Underpants…
10 mins

Meet the stars of Oddball

Oddball is the story of a dog who saves a colony of fairy penguins. Shane Jacobson and Coco Jack-Gillies talk about why Australian films for children are important, and what it’s like to…
9 mins

Holidays in Singapore

What are the best places to visit with children when you’re in Singapore? Where are the best places to stay? Find out how to have an awesome holiday with your…
13 mins

Mon 5 October 2015

60 mins

Fri 2 October 2015

47 mins
Featured the following interviews

Pat Hutchins

Author and illustrator, Pat Hutchins, is a well known staple in the bookshelves of many Australian families.  She’s written and illustrated books like Rosie’s Walk, The Very Worst Monster and…
7 mins

What your family home might look like in 10 years

Imagine a future where your toothbrush can tell you when you’re getting sick or a lawn mower that can order fertilizer based on the pH of your backyards grass clippings…
19 mins

Thu 1 October 2015

54 mins
Featured the following interviews

Dealing with family conflict after you have children

When you have children, your own childhood can come back into focus. Issues you thought were long resolved can resurface, creating tension within your extended family. Psychologist Jo Corrigan gives…
12 mins

Staying healthy on family holidays

Travelling overseas is such a great adventure, especially for children. The last thing you want is for your child to become sick (it can be a nightmare) Sally Webb has…
12 mins

Safe formula feeding with Robin Barker

Robin Barker, author of Baby Love takes us through safe weaning and formula feeding. GUEST: Robin Barker
BOOK: Baby Love
13 mins

The real story behind Sleeping Beauty

The fairytales that many children know and love today, have changed and morphed over time. Some of the original stories are darker and more sinister Find out how the story…
15 mins