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Essential advice on parenting and children, followed by a guided meditation. Weekdays at 12pm and wherever you get your podcasts.

It takes a village to raise a child - welcome to ours! Join host and mum-of-two Shevonne Hunt for friendly advice, interviews and insightful tips. 

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Catch up on the latest episodes

Wed 30 September 2015

48 mins
Featured the following interviews

Baby sleep advice with expert Jo Ryan

If you’ve got a newborn, getting eight hours sleep might seem like a distant memory, but Jo Ryan – author of the celebrated book Baby Bliss  – is here to…
16 mins

Jane Caro talks balancing kids with your relationship

Sleep deprivation, differing expectations and not enough time in the day… it’s easy to see why parenting can put a strain on your relationship Shevonne talks to TV presenter Jane
12 mins

Tue 29 September 2015

53 mins

Mon 28 September 2015

47 mins
Featured the following interviews

Preparing a will

Creating a will when you have a young family is hard to think about let alone actively organise and put on paper In this episode we talk about the first…
13 mins

Pressure on grandparents now juggling work and childcare

If you’re lucky, you have wonderful parents and in-laws who are happy to help out with caring for your child According to a report for the National Seniors Productive Ageing…
11 mins

Fri 25 September 2015

53 mins
Featured the following interviews

The global coding movement for kids

Everyone’s talking about coding at the moment, but these kids are already doing it on the weekends, for fun. GUEST: Ben Liquete, facilitator at the Coder Dojo Sydney WEBSITE: Coder Dojo
14 mins

Recovering from Post Natal Depression

Catherine Knox has five children, but her first experiences of parenthood were clouded by postnatal depression. Hear about how she found help and recovered to be healthy and happy in…
15 mins

Thu 24 September 2015

53 mins
Featured the following interviews

Introducing your child to bottles and sippy cups

Is there a “right” time to introduce your baby to a bottle, or your toddler to a sippy cup? Jane Barry gives us the low down on this episode of…
13 mins

Mums the word

The highs, lows, epiphanies and challenges of parenting with Lucy Kippist, parenting and lifestyle editor at Kidspot. GUEST: Lucy Kippist, lifestyle and parenting editor at Kidspot WEBSITE: Kidspot
11 mins

Paris with the family

Paris may be somewhere you went when you were a backpacker, footloose and fancy-free. Learn how to tailor your Paris experience in to a fabulous family holiday in this episode…
10 mins

Wed 23 September 2015

55 mins
Featured the following interviews

Must read board books: 0-2 years

If you haven't already, check out these board books for kids aged 0-2 years, as recommeded by Amelia Lush from Better Read than Dead in Newtown, Sydney GUEST: Amelia Lush,…
7 mins

Genetic testing during pregnancy

Genetic testing during pregnancy is optional but can reveal all sorts of information about your unborn child. It can raise moral and ethical questions for parents based on the results…
18 mins

Destination Spotlight: Byron Bay

Byron Bay is the perfect beachside family holiday. It's only an hours drive from the Gold Coast and has lots of great places to stay and things to do with…
5 mins

The miracle sleep book for children

Parents are going nuts over "The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep", but what is the science behind the hype? You'll want to listen to this before you…
11 mins

How music therapy helps children with learning difficulties

Conditons like autism, down syndrome, cerebal palsy, developmental delays, emotional and behavioural disorders and speech impediments can hold children back Find out how music therapy can help children learn when…
13 mins