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Essential advice on parenting and children, followed by a guided meditation. Weekdays at 12pm.

It takes a village to raise a child - welcome to ours! Join host and mum-of-two Shevonne Hunt for friendly advice, interviews and insightful tips. 

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Catch up on the latest episodes

Fri 5 June 2015

52 mins
Featured the following interviews

Encouraging healthy app use

There are millions of apps on the market made just for kids.  With all the choices available, how do you recognise the good from the bad and ensure that your…
12 mins

The best books about pirates

Argh Aaarrrggh me hearties! What treasure do you seek this week?  Hold on to your pirate hat! This episode is all about swashbuckling pirates in honour of Talk Like a
11 mins

Time Out's school holiday fun

With school holidays fast approaching, Emma Joyce from Time Out Magazine, gives us her top family events and activities for the holidays.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar Disney on Ice: Dare…
9 mins

Relationships after a new baby

Having a child can completely change a couple's relationship dynamic, especially in the first twelve months after bringing bub home. In this eposide we talk about the emotional and physical…
18 mins

Thu 4 June 2015

50 mins
Featured the following interviews

Kidspot highlights: Mum I’m sorry! Don’t touch me! Vaccination objectors dropping

Parenting and lifestyle editor at drops by to talk about the most popular posts on This week those topics include discovering a new affinity with your mum after…
11 mins

Snow holidays with kids

This weekend marks the beginning of the Australian snow season, so get your mitts on and find out how to make your trip away a fun, safe and successful one…
9 mins

The right to choose religious or ethical education at school

What role does education have in teaching our children moral and spiritual lessons? And who determines what form these lessons will take? In NSW there is pressure to remove the…
17 mins

Wed 3 June 2015

54 mins
Featured the following interviews

Baby Love author Robin Barker

Author of the famous Baby Love book and parentcraft nurse, Robin Barker, has over 30 years of experience providing help and advice to parents about everything from breastfeeding and crying…
15 mins

What to look for when hiring a nanny

Employing a nanny to care for your child can save the hassles of long child care waiting lists, high costs for more than one child in care and after hours…
13 mins

Anxiety in children

Children can suffer from anxiety just like adults. In this episode we discuss how to recognise the emotional and behavioural signs of anxiety in your child and strategies for parents…
18 mins

Tue 2 June 2015

52 mins
Featured the following interviews

Off to big school

Zoe Meunier is a mother to two young children and runs the fabulous blog, Adventures in Domesticity. She writes about everything from adventures in self maintenance and parenting to adventures/failures…
16 mins

Child care methods around the world

Do you ever wonder how other cultures teach their children? Or how we rate, in Australia, in our approach to early learning? In the June issue of Child Magazine, they…
18 mins

Nursery tips

Baby number one is on it’s way… or possibly baby number two. You have an empty room that needs to be set up for when you bring them home. What are the…
8 mins

Mon 1 June 2015

45 mins
Featured the following interviews

Health Insurance

It can take a lot of research and organisation to find a private health insurance policy that's right for your family. In this episode we discuss the basics of health…
8 mins

Hiding veggies in food

Sometimes pesky veggies can be the downfall of the most delicious and lovingly prepared meal. Hear some tips for sneaking those extra veggies into your children's meals to make the…
10 mins

Baby helpline: Monday June 1, 2015

Every Monday, experienced Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue, answers your questions on sleep, weaning, settling, bathing, routines, development and anything in between In this episode Chris talks about a baby's nutrition…
20 mins

GOMA: Art on the Wild Side

Find out more about Art on the Wild Side, a new exhibition exploring the wild and wonderful ways artist’s use animals in their work, on display at the Gallery of…
7 mins

Fri 29 May 2015

46 mins
Featured the following interviews

Choosing family films for the Sydney Film Festival

Hear about four exciting, family approporiate films, showing this year at the Sydney Film Festival from June 3-14: Song of the Sea, Wide Open Sky, Crow's Egg and Gayby Baby…
8 mins

Play with recycled objects

Mum of four, Georgie Smart, creates fantastical play settings for her kids at home out of everyday objects like toilet rolls and newspaper. Listen in for some tips GUEST: Georgie…
10 mins