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They say it takes a village to raise a child, so welcome to ours!

Kinderling Conversation is dedicated to taking the guess-work out of parenting.

Hosted by journalist and mum Shevonne Hunt, you'll hear friendly advice, interviews with experts and insightful tips from trail-blazing parents and carers. Produced by Elise Cooper.

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Mon 19 October 2015

47 mins
Featured the following interviews

Advice on flying internationally with a toddler

Every Monday, experienced Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue, answers your questions on sleep, weaning, settling, bathing, routines, development and anything in between.  In this episode we talk to Chris about her…
12 mins

Celebrating Jim Henson with Muppets producer Martin Baker

As a producer at the Jim Henson company for over 20 years, Martin Baker has made some of our favourite film and TV memories, including The Muppets, Labyrinth and…
16 mins

Learning to talk

What age should children start to speak? And how can parents help them learn  We talk to child speech pathologist Anna Eagleton about important speech milestones, the difference in boys…
11 mins

Fri 16 October 2015

60 mins
Featured the following interviews

Sex after kids

Recovering from birth, lack of sleep, lack of energy and sheer exhaustion can all contribute to couples feeling less than keen to jump back into bed after having a baby…
17 mins

Play through music: The Rhythm Tree

Most children love music. It's a fun and open way of expressing themselves The Rhythm Tree in Melbourne is a place where families with young children can enjoy music together,…
10 mins

Thu 15 October 2015

52 mins
Featured the following interviews

Packing tips with young kids

Getting away with a small family takes lots of preparation. Best laid plans can instantly go out the window if something important is forgotten like the favourite teddy bear or…
11 mins

Choosing a bike

Christmas is on the horizon, and bikes can be a popular big ticket Santa delivery. But how does Santa know how to choose the right bike? Luckily he has a…
11 mins

Dealing with hay fever this spring

Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes... hay fever is the pits. Learn how to help your child manage their symptoms in this episode with Mark Nethercote GUEST: Mark Nethercote, Paediatrician …
14 mins

Parenting programs tapping into Dad’s brains

Do you know a Dad who has done a parenting program? If you do they’re apparently very rare creatures, but a new research program through the University of NSW is…
17 mins

Wed 14 October 2015

51 mins
Featured the following interviews

The lifecycle of a butterfly

Children expect parents to know everything at that inquisitive age... like why the sky is blue, what happens when we die and how an egg is made. In this episode…
14 mins

Do you have what it takes to be a foster carer?

Opening your doors to vulnerable children is not for everyone, but one carer says it’s changed her life for the better, and she could never go back GUEST: Tracy…
14 mins

The fascinating life of Dr Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel, otherwise known as Dr Seuss, wrote and illustrated 44 children’s books in his lifetime, and sold 600 million copies. But he was an artist first, and he…
14 mins

Tue 13 October 2015

56 mins
Featured the following interviews

Toy safety for under 3s

With Christmas closing in way too quickly, we chat Kay Lockhart at Kidsafe NSW about the best and safest toys for under three-year-olds. How accurate are age ranges? What about…
12 mins

Birthday parties for kids

Mandi Gunsberger is the founder and CEO of Babyology, and has done her fair share of researching and preparing parties for kids. Listen to some of her tips in this…
10 mins

Letting gifted, talented kids grow with Raising Children Network

Did you know there’s a difference between ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’ children? And how do you nurture both? We speak to Julie Green, Executive Director of the Raising Children Network…
23 mins

Discussing the tragedy of stillborn

In Australia six babies are stillborn every day. It’s a devastating topic to discuss, so we chat to Karen Miles from CHILD Magazine about supporting parents going through the heartbreak…
8 mins

Mon 12 October 2015

55 mins
Featured the following interviews

Screen-time – how much is enough? (Part 2)

The American Academy of Paediatrics’s recently revised its screen-time guideline for toddlers. We talk to educational expert Dr Kate Highfield from the Institute of Early Childhood at Macquarie University about…
9 mins

National Carers Week special: Meeting Mary

We meet Mary who’s 16 years old and along with her mum, cares for her father and younger brother. She’s just one of 300,000 young carers around Australia looking after…
7 mins

Is ‘brexting’ bad for baby?

So brexting – texting on your phone while breast or bottle feeding – is now apparently a thing and some experts aren’t happy about it. We asked Mothercraft nurse expert …
13 mins

Justine Clarke talks music, Play School and dad crushes

On the eve of her tour, the singer/actress discusses making her latest album Pyjama Jam, balancing music with being a mum and her biggest dad fans. Here's our five favourite…
21 mins