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High Five: Backstroke Raptor by The Story Pirates

Each week Kinderling gives a HIGH FIVE to music, artists, albums and other stuff we think is awesome!

Q. What do you get when a comedy team starts turning children’s stories into songs?

A. This week’s hilarious High Five feature album - Backstroke Raptor by The Story Pirates!

The album is a fun clash of genres that will have families dancing, singing and laughing along – and marvelling at how imaginative kids can be.

There’s a song about a wizard who hasn’t quite mastered magic yet (The Wizard Who Could Just Go Poof), and a dinosaur-themed homage to the B52s (Backstroke Raptor), and even one about a giraffe who’s on a mission to change the world (The Giraffe Didn't Know).

Pretty much it’s every song you never knew you needed in your life!

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Want to hear more from The Story Pirates? Check them out on Facebook Instagram or YouTube.

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