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High Five: I Can Be Anything by Freckleland

Each week Kinderling gives a HIGH FIVE to music, artists, albums and other stuff we think is awesome!

Want your kids to know that they can grow up to be anything you want to be? That’s the BIG lesson they’ll learn in this week’s High Five feature album, I Can Be Anything by Freckleland.

The album addresses a number of topics, particularly to do with gender stereotypes. In ‘We Can All Share’ you’ll sing about how there’s no such thing as a ‘boy thing’ or a ‘girl thing’. In ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ kids are reminded that boys don’t always need to be tough. And in ‘When I Grow Up’ kids are encouraged to dream about all the things they could become.

Freckleland is an American kids’ band, formed by two mums who set out to make music for their harshest critics … their kids! Not only is every song fun to dance to, each contains a message that kids will treasure for life. Now that deserves a High Five!

Want to win a copy? You could score one of 10 free digital downloads by entering our competition here.

Learn more! Check out the Freckleland website here.

Hear their album all week on Kinderling Kids Radio, or enjoy a sneak peek here:

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