High Five: Make A Circle by Jennifer Paskow

Each week Kinderling gives a HIGH FIVE to music, artists, albums and other stuff we think is awesome!

This week Kinderling High Fives an album of beautiful songs for the heart and soul - Make A Circle by Jennifer Paskow.

Make a Circle is a collection of songs that express the idea that learning to love and accept oneself is the first step to loving and accepting others; while embracing everyone's differences. 

Paskow's philosophy is that music has the power uplift, heal and empower us. And that’s exactly what her songs do to little and big people alike.

Listen out for Make A Circle on Kinderling all this week!

Album available 30 September

  1. Track
    1. I Am A Tree
    Jennifer Paskow
  2. Track
    2. Make A Circle
    Jennifer Paskow
  3. Track
    3. Listen To Your Heart
    Jennifer Paskow
  4. Track
    4. On The Inside
    Jennifer Paskow
  5. Track
    5. Hello Moon
    Jennifer Paskow

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