Mixtape: Brekkie Beats

Each week Kinderling shares a Mixtape.

Wake up and smell the pancakes!

We've made the perfect kids' breakfast playlist - packed with all our favourite songs about breakfast foods. There's sizzling bacon, hot potatoes, yummy banana bread and so much more. If that doesn't make you hungry, nothing will!

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  1. A Tribe Called Quest - Ham N Eggs
  2. Benny Time - Sausages
  3. The Wiggles - Hot Potato
  4. Kidz Krew - Toast
  5. ABBA - Honey, Honey
  6. David Gibb - Jelly on a Plate
  7. The Silly Galahs - Chew Chew Choo!
  8. Raffi - Bananaphone
  9. The Avalanches - The Noisy Eater
  10. The Verve Pipe - Cereal
  11. Brian Boyle - Bacon & Eggs
  12. Justine Clarke - A Banana Is A Banana
  13. The Vegetable Plot - Mr Potato
  14. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - I Like Fruit
  15. Chaos At Play - The Smoothie Song
  16. Caspar Babypants - Banana Bread 
  17. Biz Markie - Pancakes and Syrup (edit)
  18. Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffany's

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