Bedtime Explorers

Bedtime meditations for little explorers. Every evening at 7pm.

Exciting news! The new  Premium season of Bedtime Explorers is finally here. The theme is Out Of This World and will take little explorers on calm, floaty adventures through space.

Listen to the very first episode -  The Moon - for free right here. And enjoy all ten episodes by subscribing to Premium on the Kinderling App (iOS only) or at the brand new Bedtime Explorers website


“Let’s get ready for a bedtime journey. Where will we go tonight?”

Need a helping hand getting the kids to sleep? Bedtime Explorers is a soothing meditation series, designed specifically for little ones.

Responsible for over 10 million sleeps and counting, Bedtime Explorers features the calming voice of author and mindfulness coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz. In each episode, Amy guides young imaginations to visit magical places; discover animals with special strengths; help out some friendly dinosaur buddies; or float through space to visit the moon, the planets and the stars.

Using easy-to-learn meditation techniques like balloon breathing, flying through colours and breathing with the waves, kids are soon feeling relaxed and ready for a long night’s sleep.

Tune in nightly at 7pm or listen to favourite episodes anywhere, anytime in the Kinderling app

And if you have an Alexa enabled device, just say "Alexa, play Bedtime Explorers".

Executive Producer: Lorna Clarkson

Host: Amy-Taylor Kabbaz

Music Season 1 & 2: Gentleforce

Editing and Sound Design: Max Gosford

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The brand new Premium season of Bedtime Explorers is here Hosted by mindfulness coach, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, each episode takes little explorers on a calm, dreamy journey through space to visit…

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