Pirates Birthday Party

Mon 15 July 2019

Ahoy there me hearties! Who's ready to climb the riggings and come aboard HMAS Pirate Party?

Our playlist has all the kids' songs you need for a swashbuckling birthday. Now it's just up to you to sort a parrot to sit on your kids' shoulder all day.

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  1. Giggle and Hoot - Yarrr! Pirates 
  2. The Mighty Buzzniks - Johnno's Pirate Dream 
  3. Splash & Bubbles - Dark in the Deep 
  4. Kids Imagine Nation - Your Birthday Dance 
  5. Benny Time - So You Want To Be a Pirate 
  6. Johnny & The Raindrops - Pirate Schol 
  7. The Wiggles - Have a Happy Birthday Captain 
  8. Yo Gabba Gabba - Happy Birthday (feat. The Ting Tings) 
  9. LazyTown - You Are a Pirate 
  10. The Beatles - Birthday 
  11. Play School - I'm a Pirate 
  12. Itty Bitty Beats - The Pirate Song 
  13. Pharrell Williams - Happy 
  14. The Wiggles - The Captain's Wavy Walk 
  15. Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers - If You Want To Be a Pirate 
  16. Lah-Lah - Happy Birthday 
  17. Taron Egerton - I'm Still Standing 
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