Superhero Birthday Party

Mon 15 July 2019

Does your kid keep pestering you for a Batman, Superman, Spider Man or Wonder Woman birthday party? Why not make their superhero dreams come true - complete with an awesome soundtrack of superhero songs for kids!

They may be the star of the day, but you'll be the real hero 😉

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  1. Stomp and Shout Brooklyn - Superhero 
  2. Bounce Patrol - Let's Be Superheroes 
  3. The Wiggles - Getting Strong! 
  4. Van Halen - Jump 
  5. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Secret Super Hero 
  6. Mr Tim and the Fuzzy Elbows - I Can Fly 
  7. Kids Imagine Nation - Your Birthday Dance 
  8. Kriss Kross - Jump 
  9. Randy Kaplan - Supernude 
  10. Kath Bee - Supersonic Boogie Bottom 
  11. Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, Mitchell Hope - Chillin' Like a Villain 
  12. They Might Be Giants - I Am Invisible 
  13. Tee Vee Toons - Spider Man 
  14. Eco Faeries - Original Superhero 
  15. Lah-Lah - Happy Birthday 
  16. Michael Bolton & Teen Titans - Upbeat Inspirational Song About Life 
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