Digital Disco

It’s time to dance! Turn the music up and dance like no-one’s watching on a disco-tastic weekend afternoon. Weekends 3pm to 5pm.

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Big fish, little fish, cardboard box - bustin' dancefloor moves with the family is fun!

Throw on your dancing shoes and get ready to cut some rug with top tunes from Kylie to KraftwerkTaylor Swift to Technotronic.

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Digital Disco Halloween Special // 30 OCT 16 // 3-4 pm

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Digital Disco Family Dance Off // 13 AUG 16 // 3-4 pm

Get the family together, turn down the lights, crank up the music and see who can bust the silliest moves; all while Kinderling provides the ultimate body poppin', disco-tastic soundtrack as part of the Screen Free Challenge!