Mother Tongue with Sirine

A kids' podcast that celebrates the wonderful languages and cultures found in Australia.

Ciao, talofa, hello!

Welcome to Mother Tongue - an award-winning podcast where each episode will have you exploring a vibrant culture you might not know so much about. Learn to say hello in Cantonese, goodbye in Koori, sing a song in Greek, or learn all about the Lebanese flag.

It's a podcast with a lot of heart behind it. As our host, Sirine, shares: "The idea came from my experience with my daughter; the songs my mother sang to me as a child stayed with me and I sang them to her when she was born. Elyssa is now 4 years old, and still loves these songs – she’ll never forget where they came from and we should never lose this connection with our language of origin."

Sharing language and culture brings kids closer together and sparks curiosity about the world, so we hope you listen and enjoy!

Tune in to Play & Learn weekdays at 10am. Or listen anytime, anywhere on the free Kinderling app or wherever you get your podcasts.go

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