Mother Tongue: Arabic

Mon 5 August 2019

Marhaba! That means hello in Arabic. In this episode, join our host Sirine - who was born in Lebanon - as she shares some words, songs and traditions from her own mother tongue. 

Here are the Arabic words you'll learn in this episode:

Marhaba Hello
Derbakkeh Lebanese drum
Arzeh Cedar tree
Sissan - Baby chickens
Man'oosh - A Lebanese food, usually eaten at breakfast
Tuybe Yummy
Maa Salemeh - Bye

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This is what the Lebanese flag looks like:

This is what the Lebanese food Manoosh looks like:

It looks like a pizza - but it's eaten at breakfast time!


Learn the Arabic song you heard in this episode:

Original lyrics:

Ha Sissan, <click, click>
Shu helween <click, click>
Aambi dooroh hawla emmon mabsooteen <click, click>
Shirboh may <click, click>
Alu khay <click, click>
Rafa’u rahson hamadu rabbon, mabsooteen


These chicks...
How beautiful they are
They are walking around their mother happily
They drank water
and said Wow Yum Yum
They raised their heads and thanked God happily.

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