Mother Tongue: Cantonese

Mon 29 July 2019

Nei hou or lei ho means hello in Cantonese. In this episode Sirine is joined by Angel who grew up in Hong Kong. She shares a fun song and talks about a very yummy snack! Ho mei! 

Here are the Cantonese words you'll learn in this episode:

Lei Ho 你好 - Hello
Yi Wu二胡 - A string instrument also known as a Chinese Violin
Gung Fu功夫 - Kung Fu (a form of Martial Arts)
Gao Zi 餃子 Chinese dumplings of various types
Ho Mei 好味 - Very good (and you say it when you eat something yummy)
Joi Gin 再見 - See you again (Bye)

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This is what the Hong Kong flag looks like:

This is what the Chinese food Gao Zi looks like:


Learn the Cantonese song you heard in this episode, Yao-Zak-Che-Chay-Dee-Lokshui:

Sing along in Cantonese:

Bai shui ching ho 


Bai shui ching ho


Yao-Zak-Che-Chay-Dee-Lokshui means A Bird Falling Into Water.

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