Mother Tongue: Greek

Mon 29 July 2019

Yiasou means hello in Greek. In this episode, Sirine is joined by Anthea who tells us what the Greek flag means and shares a story about her grandparents. 

Here are the Greek words you'll learn in this episode:

Yiasou - Hello
Bouzouki - A traditional Greek instrument like a guitar
YiaYia and Pappoús - Grandma and Grandpa
Kipouriki - Gardening
Palamakia Peksete - Clap your hands
Koularakia - A traditional Greek biscuit eaten at Easter time
Anthio - Bye

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This is what the Greek flag looks like:

Listen to this episode to find out the meaning of the blue and white stripes!

This is what the Greek food Koularakia looks like:

It's a very tasty shortbread treat. Maybe you could try make your own at home using this recipe?


Learn the Greek song you heard in this episode, Palamakia Peksete:

Sing along in Greek:

Palamakia peksete
Ke o babas too erhete
Ke too ferni katiti
Kooloorakia sto kharti

 Palamakia peksete
Ke i manoola erhete
Na to parei agalia
To mikrooli tis pedhia

 Palamakia, palamakia
Pezoon ola ta pedhakia
Palamakia ke khoro
dakh dirdi
ke dakh dirdo

English translation:

Clap your hands
His dad is coming
To bring him something,
Cookies in a paper.

Clap your hands
Mommy is coming
To take her little one
On her lap, children.

Clap, clap
All the children clap
Clapping and dancing
Dah dirdi and 
Dah dirdo*.

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