Mother Tongue: Spanish

Mon 29 July 2019

Hola! That means hello in Spanish. In this episode, Sirine is joined by Lorena whose parents come from Argentina. She grew up speaking Spanish and English. Find out what her favourite Argentinian snack is.

Here are the Spanish words you'll learn in this episode:

Hola - Hello
Bandoneon - an Argentinian instrument, like an accordion.
Sol Deh Mayo The Sun of May (which you see on the Argentinian flag)
Medialuna - An Argentinian snack, kind of like a croissant.
Que Rico Yummy
Ciao - Bye

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This is what the Argentinian flag looks like:

Can you see the Sol Deh Mayo (Sun of May) in the middle?

And this is what Argentina's medialuna snack looks like:

A medialuna looks (and tastes) similar to a French croissant. They are a very popular breakfast food in Argentina.

Learn the Spanish song you heard in this episode, Arroz Con Leche:

Sing along in Spanish:

Arroz con leche,
Me quiero casar
con una señorita de San Nicolás,
que sepa bordar,
que sepa tejer,
que sepa abrir la puerta par ir a jugar.

 Con ésta sí
con ésta no,
con esta señorita me caso yo.

 Yo soy la vuidita,
Del barrio del Rey
Me Quiero casar
Y no se con quien

 Con este si
Con este no
Con este senorito me caso yo.

English translation:

Rice Pudding,
I want to marry,
A lady from San Nicholas,
Who knows how to embroider
Who knows how to knit
Who knows how to open the door to go play

 With this girl yes,
With this girl no,
With this little girl I'll be wed.

 I am a little widow
From the Kings land,
I want to marry
But I don’t know with whom

 With this boy yes,
With this boy no,
With this little boy I'll be wed.

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