Mother Tongue: Tagalog

Tue 30 July 2019

Kamusta! That means hello in Tagalog – the main language spoken in the Philippines. In this episode, Sirine’s guest is Jasmina whose parents are from the Philippines and she shares a lovely song. 

Here are the Tagalog words you'll learn in this episode:

Kamusta - Hello
Agung - A traditional Philippine drum
Bahay Kubo - Cubed house
Suman - A yummy snack from the Philippines.
Masarap - Yummy!

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Additional T'Boli music in this episode recorded in Mindanao, Philippines by Vincent Moon.

This is what the flag of the Philippines looks like:

This is what the snack Suman looks like:

Suman is a yummy cake made from glutinous rice that is cooked in coconut milk. The rice mixture is wrapped in banana leaves for steaming.

Want to make some at home? Try this recipe!


Learn the Tagalog song you heard in this episode, Bahay Kubo (Cubed House):

Sing along in Tagalog:

Bahay kubo, kahit munti
Ang halaman doon, ay sari sari
Sinkamas at talong, sigarilyas at mani
Sitaw, bataw, patani. 

Kundol, patola, upo't kalabasa
At saka mayroon pang labanos, mustasa,
Sibuyas, kamatis, bawang at luya
Sa paligid-ligid ay puno ng linga.

English translation:

Nipa hut, even though it's small,
The plants that grow around it are varied:
Turnip & eggplant, winged bean & peanut,
String bean, hyacinth bean, lima bean. 

Wax gourd, sponge gourd, white squash & pumpkin,
And there's also radish, mustard,
Onion, tomato, garlic & ginger
And all around are sesame seeds.

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