Retro Rewind

Travel back in time with these classic tunes for the whole family. Saturdays and Sundays 12pm to 1pm.

Sometimes as grown ups we need a break from Incy Wincy and Twinkle Twinkle. And don't even get us started on the wheels on the bus, they wont' stop going 'round!

That's why we've got Retro Rewind. It's the music show where YOUR guilty pleasures are indulged, and you can rest assured that all the songs are safe for little ears too.

Every weekend at midday, we turn back time and play your favourite hits from yesteryear.

Not just decade specific, we dive into the  genres that made those decades so awesome; from Motown hits to '70s Disco, '80s Power Ballads, '90s Soundtracks, up to '00s Indie

These episodes and so many more, whatever your jam, you’ll find it on Retro Rewind!

If you can't listen to the show live every weekend at midday, you can catch up on your favourite episodes on our free app, anywhere and anytime!

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Catch up on recent Retro Rewind episodes

'90s Pop

Is your go-to dance move the Macarena Is your groove in the heart? Are you ready to hail the Vengabus? It's time to dust off the Doc Martens, tie on…

'00s Indie

Let's turn to the recent past. With the rise of the internet (and therefore platforms like MSN and Myspace), plus the invention of iPods (and the ever-dodgy Limewire), music had…

'90s Soundtracks

We're celebrating cinema, '90s style! These are the songs that are inextricably tied to the best movies of the era. Everything from Titanic to Toy Story, with huge hits…

'80s Power Ballads

Pull out the air microphone! We're returning to simpler times, where mullets were the rage and the 1980s power ballad formula was airtight. Full-on feelings was the forte of this…

'70s and '80s Aus Rock Classics

Let There Be Rock! The 1970s in Australia saw a huge boom of rock music, due to the accessibility of live music at the local. The scene welcomed a newer generation…

Aretha Franklin

Kinderling Kids Radio marks the incredible musical legacy of a true legend, Aretha Franklin She was an artist who defined soul music, while giving a powerful voice to mothers,…